Stuffs : nuke






Résultats : 18

T : Flash antisniper behind StarLine outside from silo

T : Fast wall of smoke outside

CT : Smoke yard from CT spawn

T : Smoke window room from T roof

T : Smoke starline CT from T roof

T : Smoke main from T roof

T : Smoke main from door

T : Smoke top ladder from silo

T : Smoke front of cab from T room

T : Smoke antisniper ramp

T : Perfect stuff to go in vents from T roof

T : Perfect stuff to fast vent from door

CT : Perfect ramp smoke

CT : Perfect molotov door from ladder

CT : Perfect flash to retake A site from ladder

CT : Oneway secret to counter smoke wall yard

T : Molotov top of cab from T roof

T : Molotov secret from outside